Thank you to all of our values guests who have come back to Whispering Pines Resort year after year. We consider each and everyone of you our extended family and we look forward to having you back!

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~ Gary Cahalan - Customer for over 65 years!
"I have been going to the pines since I was 2 months old and now my kids are continuing this family tradition. This place has so many happy memories I don't know where to start. Right when you pull into the resort there is a sense of country charm and peace. On any given night there will be families Barbecuing , water balloon fights, groups in the tennis courts star gazing, and cocktail hour at the pool.

This place is a dream if you want to catch up on reading , relax and literally unplug (no TV and spotty cellular phone reception-I love this!). I look forward to this vacation every summer and so do my kids. It is also nice that the same families come up year after year. It's comforting knowing that we all look after one another and our little ones-after all it takes a village!"

~ Mary Ferguson Dixon
"I am writing and sharing my story of visiting and staying at Beautiful Whispering Pines resort located in Cobb Mt., California. The owners, Michaela and Steve, are great wonderful people and gracious hosts who work tirelessly thru out the year keeping up with maintenance of the cabins , pool;, and the recreation areas on the resort. If you're looking for a 1 day or 1 week stay at a resort sleeping in a rustic cabin including a deck and a short walk to a beautiful swimming pool with a slide, tennis court, horseshoe pit, a 9 hole golf course just down the road, or just a walk to a nearby grocery store or restaurant.

Very Very tall Pine Trees are nestled around the cabins that whisper in the air when a slight breeze is in the air. It's such a fantastic resort that a family I have known almost all of my life drove from San Francisco with their children and spent their summers there in the sixties. As the years went by the kids, who became adults, kept coming up to vacation and soon I believe around the mid 80's a Golf Tournament began where the friends and family members took part in a golf tournament every year in June which became known as the Cobb Mt. Tourney. It still exists to this day!

I could ramble on and on so I will end by saying just this: If your looking for a vacation resort without the crowded 5 Star Hotel expensive atmosphere then come and bring the family to Whispering Pines Resort. Sip a cup of coffee while sitting on the deck watching the sun rise over the mountain. The Kids can safely run around and play. In the evening sip on a glass of wine while sitting on the same deck. BBQ your favorite meals on the same deck under the stars. I assure you you will come back every year and you will have beautiful photos and memories to share with your family for many many years!

~ Marty Schneider
"I've been going to Whispering Pines Resort for almost 60 years with my family. My parents started the tradition and now we have the fourth generation of family and friends meeting up there each summer. The resort and the area provide all that you would need for a sure "getaway." The owners, Steve and Michaela Strickler, are always accommodating. As devastating as the Valley Fire was in 2015 to the area, the miraculous survival of Whispering Pines Resort left hundreds of regular vacationers thrilled that we still have the "Pines" to enjoy."

~ Janice Hughes, San Rafael
"After enjoying Whispering Pines with my family for 32 years the best compliment I could give came from my kids about 25 years ago when we decided to go to Disneyland instead of "the pines" one year and were voted down. I remember them weighing it out,Whispering Pines or Disneyland--no contest-"the Pines"won hands down!"

~ Ed Kinney
"I think I've now past the 50 year mark of going to Whispering Pines and I'll have to work on Steve and Michaela to update the pool side plaque. Why go back to the same place for 50 years? Because I can."

~ Joanie
"I've been going to WP for 40 years now. I absolutely LOVE this place. When we leave the countdown begins until we head back the next year. The fire going on the last couple of days had had all of us glued to the Internet and news searching for information about our beloved WP. So happy that it is still there waiting for us to return next year. WP is more than a vacation spot. It's a home away from home and people who are like family are there to greet us when we get there. We all love you guys!"

~ Kimberly DeSmidt
"I used to go there as a kid with my family. My dad Don Duncan is related to the management.....one of my favorite places in the whole world will never forget it"

~ Keith Duncan
"The weather is great, the food is delicious and we had a nice vacation."

~ Carolyn Caamano
"I just spent a long weekend there and loved it!!"

~ Maureen Savage
"First thing that comes to mined is family."

~ Julie Hennessy

Thank you!


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